What’s Our Executive Coaching Process?

COMPIO offers six and 12-month executive coaching processes, developed in collaboration with the leader and an organizational representative.


actively supporting continued growth

Although the processes can be as distinctive to the organization as the coaching conversations are to the leader, typical components include:

Pre-coaching design to confirm that coaching is the right development strategy, support selection of the coach, and define the objectives, metrics and approach.

Selected assessments to build the leader’s understanding of how his or her leadership style, potential blind spots, and motivations are impacting success.

Customized feedback processes to gather perspectives on current performance, future potential and strategies to support advancements. Ongoing feedback is used to gauge perceptions of improvement, build support for behavior change, and update development strategies.

Succinct development plans that establish baseline measures, communicate intentions, focus coaching conversations, and track progress and outcomes.

Time to scratch below the surface. Active learning occurs within and between conversations that occur regularly over several months. Coaching conversations create time to reflect, explore and experiment; helping the leader think strategically, discover root causes and live their leadership values.

Update meetings with the leader’s supervisor/sponsor and other identified organizational members. This helps them update their understanding of the leader‘s skills and find ways to actively support continued growth.

Support for long-term gains. Sources and impacts of successes are recognized, and ways to sustain and extend them are defined. The coaching engagement is successful once the gains are sustained without external coaching support.

A Coaching Conversation Is:

Clarifying what you most want to be different in the future and how to accomplish it. Focusing on solutions, rather than problems, sparks creativity and creates energy and opportunities.

Each coaching conversation, and the overall coaching process, occurs within a mutually agreed-upon approach defined in advance. This groundwork accelerates the development of insights and habits that help you accomplish your goals.

Neuroscience and adult learning research show that we learn better when we find our own answers and craft the strategies that work best for us. Your coach helps you discover the methods that create the strongest impacts for you.

Stretch and strength based
Many leaders shy away from, or are protected from, difficult truths. Your coach will help you recognize and address them as you also find ways to build upon personal strengths.

By consistently putting new insights into action, you hone new skills and cultivate deeper insights into who you are as a leader and how you can create better results.