Singular Services with Systemic Effects

Effective leadership development services maintain a dual focus on the leader and the organization. Our services are designed to advance the strategy and goals of your business while realizing more of the leader’s full potential. They are tailored to each executive’s goals, learning style and schedule.

  • Executive Coaching

    Executive coaching is a proactive, strategic investment in developing the leadership talent needed to deliver business strategies. It brings the best results when it’s aligned with organizational and talent development strategies.

    High impact uses of executive coaching include:

    • Helping valued leaders realize more of their full potential
    • Supporting culture development initiatives
    • Preparing succession candidates for new roles
    • Driving change and innovation
    • Optimizing the impact of developmental assignments
    • Supporting leadership of new business opportunities

    COMPIO will partner with you to develop an executive coaching process that integrates your knowledge of your business and leadership goals with our innovation and leadership development expertise.

  • Infusion Coaching

    How often have you attended an inspiring and informative development program, only to have the impact fade once you return to work?

    This is typically more a reflection of the pace and complexity of executive life than a lack of motivation or ability. Your learning environment was very different than your work environment.

    Infusion Coaching increases the value you get from attending

    • Strategic retreats
    • Leadership forums
    • And open enrollment executive education programs

    It helps you continue to develop and apply the insights you gained after you return to work – creating an impact that lasts over contexts and over time.