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Coaching By The Numbers

November 23, 2019

At the recent IOC Leadership Forum, Dr. Carol Kauffman shared a quick, clear coaching model you can use to help yourself and others:

  • tap into your motivations
  • clarify what success looks like
  • recognize what’s already helping
  • and define micro-behaviors that will keep you moving forward.
coaching by the numbers

It’s called “Coaching by the Numbers.”

Start by identifying what you’d like to work on:

Tom’s goal was, “To challenge the status quo more often.”

And why it’s important to you

“I want and need to find opportunities to be more innovative.”

And then ask four questions:

1. If you were completely successful, what would a “10 out of 10” look like?

“I’m consistently and productively challenging traditional ways of doing things, and inspiring others to as well.”

2. Where are you now, on a scale of “1” to “10”?

“I’m a 6.5.”

3. What are you doing right, so that you’re not at a lower point on the scale?

“When I hear assumptions, I’ve asked, “How do we know this?”
I led my team in assessing how well our standing meetings are working for us, resulting in streamlined agendas.
I invited people from other departments to join a new project team, to build cross-functional collaboration and incorporate diverse perspectives.”

4. What could you do over the next several weeks to raise yourself a 1/2 point, or a point?

“I could share this goal with others and ask them to join me in this practice.”

Coaching By the Numbers” is one of many ways to structure a coaching conversation. Using a positive, strengths-based and solutions-focused coaching approach is a powerful way to increase performance and potential.

If you’d like to learn other ways to structure and lead coaching conversations, email me at tfuller@compio.net and I’ll send you a free reference for leaders called “Using A Coaching Approach.”

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