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Virtual Leadership During COVID-19

March 19, 2020
Virtual Leadership During CORONA-19

As so many of us settle into several weeks of working from home, here are five essential questions to return to while while helping your teams stay focused, productive and supportive of others’ success:

How else can I help people feel connected to each other and their work?

Regular, frequent check-ins and meetings provide structure and a reliable source of information and support.  They can mimic the casual touch points many had while working in the office and may be especially helpful for anyone feeling unmoored by a sense of psychological distance. Video and audio calls provide higher-touch connections, giving you an opportunity to ask team members what they’ve accomplished, what they’re working on now and where they need help – personally as well as with work.  

How and when will I continue to provide bigger-picture updates? 
These help your team juggle priorities and challenges with a more holistic perspective. Updates may include decisions and communications from your peers and more senior management, confirmation of the initiatives your company continues to pursue, proactive responses to emerging changes, and resources for trouble-shooting and support. You can also provide an opportunity for others to share and fact-check updates they are hearing.

What mindset will I cultivate and demonstrate?

Emotions are contagious, so the consistency with which you work to maintain your own physical, mental and emotional health directly impacts your ability to authentically set a tone that supports others’ sense of agency and positivity.

How will I check everyone’s understanding of their accountabilities?  

In addition to work deliverables and timetables, accountabilities may be related to communication practices and behaviors that strengthen relationships with key stakeholders within and outside your organization. 

How can we all recognize and reinforce what’s working well? 

Giving recognition and appreciation for contributions, to both work progress and actions that are helping everyone stay connected and emotionally resilient, helps the person giving it as much as those receiving it.

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