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What’s Most Important Now?

July 14, 2010

A simple habit can increase your effectiveness and decrease stress:

early in your morning

and later, around mid-day,

consider everything you have on your plate and choose the one most important thing to accomplish now.

The more you practice this habit, the better you get at it, strategically allocating your time and avoiding traps like:

  • mistaking...
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Capitalizing on Conflict

September 17, 2009

Conflict signals the opportunity to learn. Your interpretation of another's behavior, message or intent may be correct, almost correct, or incorrect. Your conflicting point of view may be completely accurate, or may need to be updated.

One of the most impactful responses to conflict is listening.  When you recognize a discussion is entering the realm of...

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Uniquely Effective

May 13, 2009
As that anthropology rock star Margaret Mead pointed out, "You are all unique and special, just like everyone else." 448px-Promenade_Insel_Lindau_3-5B1-5D Want to become even more effective?   Get very clear about how well today's work aligns with
  • What you know you do best - the things that make you feel strong when...
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