Infuse Today’s Learning Into Tomorrow’s Work

Insights are easy, change is hard.  COMPIO’s Infusion Coaching increases the real-world value of formal leadership development experiences by strengthening the self-directed learning that makes them matter. 

integrate what you learn with how you lead and work

Over the course of several months and a wider range of contexts, Infusion Coaching helps you apply and refine what you learned during your external development program.

Before starting:

We will partner with you to define your personal objectives and measures of success. Taking these and your work environment into account, we craft a coaching process that maintains your learning momentum as you integrate what you learned with how you lead and work.

During Infusion Coaching, you have the opportunity to:

Revisit the most valuable ideas, skills and outcomes of the learning program you attended.

Clarify the anticipated impacts of applying, or not applying, them.

Experiment with new ways of applying and refining what you learned, with a distinct emphasis on high-stakes experiences and relationships.

Engage organizational resources and stakeholders in supporting what you want to do differently.

Incorporate new skill-sets, model new mindsets and strengthen new habits.

As a result:

You take the opportunity created by attending a professional development activity and turn it into enduring personal and organizational impacts.

We Know Adults Learn Best When:

We are in control of the learning process, using our preferred learning style.

The value of the knowledge or skill is relevant and clear, preferably impacting something important to us.

We actively apply the content in many different situations.

We have tools we can use to apply the content later.

There’s time given to integrate information that conflicts what we already thought or knew.

We have recurring opportunities for feedback, adaption and reinforcement.

We’re confident we can be successful, even if we’re being challenged beyond our current level of ability.

And if we can have fun while we’re doing this, all the better!