February 25, 2009

Find your funny bone.  Yes, it’s still right there – hold it close and use it well.

Got-StressIt’ll give you a whole new POV.

Robert Mankoff, Cartoon Editor of The New Yorker magazine, spends his days working with and responding to humor. He sees the affiliative impact it can have, drawing others in and connecting them; and the stress relief and entertainment it provides.

He also describes humor as a coping function that opens us up to newer and broader perspectives. “If we can’t laugh at something, it means our view is tunnel vision, we are a little bit panicked. As soon as we remove ourselves enough to laugh at something, that actually gives us a wider ambit to think about it.” “I don’t think you have been in any situation in which you’ve been developing ideas and things have been creative in which you are not communicating and laughing.”

When you need a new and better solution, take a minute to appreciate the lighter side of things. You’ll feel better and think bigger, and you’ll encourage others to do the same.

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