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Celebrating Well and Often

February 24, 2009

Achievement oriented leaders can be quicker to set goals than celebrate progress.

Fiber-2520OpticsHow well and often do you celebrate?

Celebrations are important during good times; and even more important during challenging times.  Taking time to appreciate what you have and what you’ve accomplished builds resilience, maintains momentum and helps you enjoy success as you create it.

When I asked clients to describe their favorite ways of celebrating, they described:

  • Activities connecting with friends.
  • Closing the door and taking a minute to savor the accomplishment.
  • Doing a mitzvah; a good deed for others that extends the good fortune.
  • Analyzing what worked best, and replaying it in their minds.
  • Going for a walk, playing music, making a toast, saying a prayer….

The most satisfying celebrations reflected their values and personalities. What kind of celebrations do you enjoy most? Who could you celebrate with more often?

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