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Happy, Hygge Holidays

December 21, 2016

Hygge’s been getting a lot of attention lately – that Danish concept that’s hard to pronounce (hoo-ga?) and wonderful to experience. The term comes from a Norwegian word meaning “wellbeing.” Making time for hygge on a regular basis has helped Denmark become one of the world’s happiest countries.

candle-1338927_960_720Hygge helps you respond to frigid, frenetic climates by creating a warm inner climate that is relaxed and comfortable. It’s marked by the absence of anything annoying or emotionally stressful.

You can seek out or create hygge environments that include creature comforts like warm fires, a good book, favorite foods, agreeable company … whatever helps you forget life’s worries and be happy in the moment.

It’s both a presence and an impact. Pausing to notice “the good stuff” in your day, offering a sincere thank you and welcoming others’ contributions are also hyggeligt.

Want to increase engagement at work, decrease stress, get more from your day or counter apprehension about the political climate? Whatever your motivation, this simple and powerful form of appreciation, warmth and respect for each other and the environments we share is always within your grasp.

Wishing you many hygge moments – now and throughout the new year.

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