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Uniquely Effective

May 13, 2009

As that anthropology rock star Margaret Mead pointed out, “You are all unique and special, just like everyone else.”


Want to become even more effective?  

Get very clear about how well today’s work aligns with

  • What you know you do best – the things that make you feel strong when you do them; and
  • What matters most – the values and drivers that define “good work” for you; and
  • The stressors that can push your buttons – triggering behaviors that derail your success.

How can you better understand your strengths, drivers and risks?

  • Conduct an informal 360 feedback process, asking people who know you well to describe the most valuable things you do better than others, what they think keeps you motivated and productive, and what may be blind spots for you;
  • Or work with an executive coach to identify how your profile of strengths, values and potential blind spots interact with your goals.

What can you do once you’re clear about your strengths, drivers and risks?

  • Each week, spend a little more of your time on activities that use your strengths.
  • Every day, work on responsibilities that relate to your interests and values.
  • Over time, build habits that help you sidestep derailers while you bring more of your best to your work.

We each have the ability to be uniquely effective. The example we set can help others become so too.

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