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Leadership Coaching Practices To Use On Your Own

July 29, 2018

It’s a compliment to have the opportunity to work with a leadership coach. Companies bring me in to work with their highly valued leaders – knowing that leadership coaching will help them add even more value.

leadership coaching practicesBut even when you’re not working with a coach, you can use leadership coaching practices on your own.

Working with a coach amplifies and accelerates the collective impact; but committing to one or some of the following practices can help you develop your leadership potential in a sustainable way.

  • Revisit your leadership motivations, skills and challenges. Think about where and how you want to lead today, define the strengths that are helping you be successful as a leader and behaviors that can hold you back. Building this self awareness helps you proactively recognize opportunities to better leverage strengths and sidestep the “watch-outs” that can trip you up – especially under stress.
  • Check your assumptions about how others experience your leadership.  After important meetings or projects, ask for feedback on what you did especially well and how you could be more effective. Setting ego aside, worry less about whose perspectives are justified and more about what’s impacting how others respond to your leadership.
  • Set a personal leadership development goal.  Define what success with the goal looks like, keep track of strategies that help, and impacts of your progress. Ask others for ideas on ways to extend your gains, especially people with leadership styles you admire.
  • Recognize your learning style. Think about your best leadership lessons to date, and what helped you learn from each. Exceptional leaders are continuous learners, so hone that superpower. Develop a way to collect your leadership lessons on the fly, so it’s easy to review, connect and extend what you’re learning. This includes learning how you turn new skills into habits, consciously practicing them until they become your new normal.

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