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Generative Strengths

February 21, 2009

Our strengths are the things we consistently and easily do better than most. We tend to be drawn to situations that require them, because they challenge us in ways we like to be challenged. As we learn how to use certain strengths to accomplish what’s important, they become generative strengths.

Generative-StrengthThis applies on both a personal level and a business level.

Think about your best successes to date. What strengths supported each of them? Which strengths cut across most of them?

Corning has produced life-changing technologies for over 100 years. Their process for sustained creativity is a generative strength. This strength enabled them to create the first successful light bulbs for Thomas Edison … and then a machine to mass produce them. They mass-produced glass color-TV tubes, dominating the market to the point the U.S. Justice Department got involved. They moved on again – to make most of the thermometer glass sold in our country, window glass for the United States’ first manned spaceships, and the technology that lets you take a dish from freezer to oven to table. But Corning’s business isn’t about light bulbs, TV tubes or dishes today. They invented optical fiber, a piece of technology without which there would be no internet or commercialized LCD glass, and are now working with several other promising new ideas.

Which of your distinctive strengths will you use to create new forms of success?

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