An impact that resonates

Although executive coaching involves working with individual leaders, it has an organizational impact. Our work often includes a focus on building mission critical leadership competencies and culture drivers.

discover ways to make bigger and better impacts

Companies use COMPIO to increase their “return on talent” with highly valued leaders. Leaders use COMPIO to discover ways to make bigger and better impacts over the course of their daily work.

Maximizing Returns

Make the most of your investment in coaching by:

Providing it for leaders who

  • Are in high impact roles.
  • Will devote time to advancing their leadership skills.
  • See the fit between a coaching approach and their desired changes.

Involving an organizational representative who

  • Is clear about the business needs to be impacted by the coaching.
  • Can provide updates to the coach on business dynamics.
  • Will help the leader access supports for targeted changes.

Engaging a well-qualified and vetted coach who

  • Builds a mutually respectful, trusting relationship with the leader.
  • Cultivates a focus on curiosity, change and results.
  • Has strong strategic, organizational development and business acumen.

Using a clearly defined coaching process that includes

  • Multiple stakeholders in well-defined roles.
  • Baseline and impact metrics.
  • Inspiring goals with the right amount of stretch.
  • Follow up to ensure sustained success.

The Methods to the Magic

The focus that makes the biggest impact is distinctive to each client, and the strategies you discover may be different than expected.  Like when:

  • Speaking “less or later” helped a CFO retain critical talent.
  • Reframing the goal helped a new President engage a more productive board.
  • New conflict skills helped a marketing leader build the resiliency needed to successfully pursue a high risk/high reward product venture.
  • Networking differently helped a technology leader drive the successful adoption of a system-wide platform.
  • Asking different questions helped a long-term President unleash the creativity of his leadership team.
  • Taking up tennis helped an engineering executive channel his drive and recognize the teaming skills needed to roll out a new infrastructure technology.

Each of these leaders found and scaled personal leverage points, and continue to use them to accelerate their success today.