April 20, 2018

We act as if we can control our schedules.  And often our calendars do run smoothly … until they don’t.

Meetings need to be rescheduled at the last minute, flights are delayed, traffic is lighter than expected, and you end up with an unexpected window of open time.

So how do you use it?

fortuitous windows in your tightly-scheduled calendar are found timeIf you reflexively turn to digging out of emails or dipping into social media or maybe trying to move up another meeting, that’s understandable.

But it’s also a missed opportunity.  These occasional, fortuitous windows in your tightly-scheduled calendar are found time.

And found time provides serendipitous opportunities for growth.

You have an opportunity to shift gears in a meaningful way … to think in advance about ways you’d like to do so, and then enjoy the energy and opportunity you create.

Some ways leaders I work with have started using their found time include:

  • Looking for a meeting or responsibility they can give up or give away.
  • Sending quick notes of appreciation.
  • Stepping back to recognizes changes and their possible ripple effects.
  • Revisiting their definitions of success: for their teams, their careers, their personal lives.
  • Reaching out to someone they’ve been meaning to add to their network.
  • Reviewing and updating the journal they use to collect new insights.
  • Assessing what their calendar reveals about their priorities.
  • Using a mindfulness app, or just sitting and focusing on their breathing.

Found time is the perfect opportunity to shift gears in a refreshing way, or practice those new skills you’ve been meaning to develop.

How would you like to use yours?

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