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Category Archives: Perseverance/Resiliency

Celebrating Well and Often

February 24, 2009

Achievement oriented leaders can be quicker to set goals than celebrate progress.

Fiber-2520OpticsHow well and often do you celebrate?

Celebrations are important during good times; and even more important during challenging times.  Taking time to appreciate what you have and what you've accomplished builds resilience, maintains momentum and helps you...

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Heavyweight Challenges

February 23, 2009

Those who have been there will tell you:

leadership is hard,

innovations fail more often than they succeed,

and parenting is not for the faint hearted.

Heavyweight-ChallengeHeavyweight challenges require sustained, adaptive and often courageous effort.

What's the most difficult, enduring challenge you continue to pursue?

What values do your non-negotiable aspirations reflect?

Keep going and...

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Failing Well

February 19, 2009

Big ambitions and big achievements require a resilience honed by setbacks, new learning, and a commitment to your version of success. In his commencement address at San Francisco State University, Mayor Gavin Newsom highlighted setbacks navigated by some notable achievers:

  • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team ... because he wasn't good enough.
  • Elvis...
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