Leadership and Innovation

COMPIO is an executive coaching practice shaped by the interplay between leadership and innovation. There’s a science and an art to both, as they challenge you to develop new connections and perspectives and work with others to accomplish more than you might have thought possible.

Tracy Fuller, Managing Director of COMPIO

Tracy helps executives add more value, or a different kind of value, more quickly. Her coaching services leverage her expertise in leadership development, organizational development, neuroscience and applied creativity.

She has worked with a diverse group of corporate, higher education and non-profit clients for over 20 years, acting as a catalyst for more innovative and effective leadership.

A continual learner herself, Tracy has a MBA, a MEd and advanced coaching credentials. She’s a faculty member at the Chautauqua Institute, lectures at conferences and universities, and volunteers with several organizations that develop leadership capacity.

You can learn more about her credentials, experience and POV in the Spotlight Interview below.

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The COMPIO Network

The insights needed to solve challenging problems and create new opportunities often come from outside our current frame of reference. So Tracy maintains relationships with a diverse, geographically dispersed, dynamic network of accomplished coaches and consultants.  She invites colleagues within this network to partner on larger projects when a complementary skill set or additional senior coaches are needed.

In addition to their unique capabilities, each brings: advanced credentials and degrees, extensive experience working with executives, a focus on meeting and exceeding success metrics, and an abiding appreciation for people committed to making a difference.

Spotlight Interview with Tracy Fuller

Why coaching?

Because leaders are learners and executive coaching is an efficient, high impact learning process. What you learn about yourself and the contexts in which you lead and achieve sets the stage for greater success going forward.

Why executives?

When an executive becomes more innovative and effective, there’s a big ripple effect. It’s a high touch way to do high impact work.

What are your credentials?

I have an advanced coaching certification (PCC) through the International Coach Foundation, a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Education from the University of Pittsburgh, certification through the NeuroLeadership Institute, over 15 years coaching experience, and certifications in a wide range of leadership development tools … many of which are listed on my LinkedIn profile.

What industries do you serve?

Your goals and desire to work with a coach to become even more effective are more critical than the industry you work within – but to answer your question, I’ve worked with executives within financial, technology, healthcare, professional sports, pharmaceutical, consumer projects, engineering, retail, energy, non-profit and academic sectors. Maybe more … the partial list of COMPIO’s client companies will give you a good idea.

You say you love this work, what other jobs have you loved?

Serving as Director of Coaching at Carnegie Mellon University’s Negotiation Academy for Women, teaching practices that support innovation leadership as a faculty member at the Chautauqua Institute, and serving as Vice President of Human Resources for MetalSite, an international B2B e-commerce firm. As an Officer of the company and member of MetalSite’s executive team, I implemented a comprehensive range of management and leadership practices that propelled business strategies. This particular job was like getting my MBA all over again – real time, on steroids.

Why do they stand out?

In each, I worked with smart people finding better ways to create new kinds of results. Each involved designing learning experiences for high achievers, and each drew on my ability to be innovative, collaborative and strategic. I can also say the same about working with COMPIO clients.

Any speaking gigs or volunteer activities?

Some of my favorites include lecturing at Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate School of Public Affairs on ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Breakthrough Thinking;’ at CMU’s Heinz School on ‘Emotional Intelligence;’ at the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business on ‘Principles of Leadership Coaching;’ and at the CASE conference on succession planning strategies and the design of leadership development programs. My volunteer activities support organizations like the Coro Center for Civic Leadership, PowerLink, Achieva and the Athena Awards.

What else may be good to know?

I work with, appreciate and will continue to be a lifelong learner. Just like my clients, each time I achieve something new I get motivated to make even bigger and better contributions. So stay in touch as I continue to share what I learn about ways to become a more innovative and effective leader, and please reach out to share what you’re learning as well.